Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Asslamualaikum and hye , you know what ? today, every minutes every second I thinking of him. I think I miss him so badly. Arghh ! cause of that , I've  been soo sooo annoying. I was suffocating him by sending a bla bla bla punya msg kat dia sampai dia ckp " kenapa awak ni haa" Haa amek kau ! kene sebiji. Haha. Takde lahh. I just miss to "manja-manja" with him but maybe its a wrong time, I think laaa. Now, let me know, does he also miss me like I did ? Like crazy I did ?  Does he also thinking of me like I did ? Ahh , I don't think so because he busy with his study nowdays.  Yeah yeah, thats great  and I have to give him support in study. To you my Mr. Right , " awak belajar rajin rajin k. Tak lama dah, nak habis belajar kan. So struggle betul2 punya untuk sem ni dan sem  sem yang akan datang k ? Chayok chayok  :* " Arghh, World, I really miss him so badly. I can't stand this anymore. Like seriously, I want him right nowww ! in front of me n give me a tight hug but  what can I do ? It's just a dream. Nevermind lah, dream pun dream lah. Hanya mampu berdoa agar dia sentiasa dalam keadaan baik. Amin amin. That's all for today anddddd we'll see again. Daaa~ Assalamualaikum :)

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